red bell pepper

almost a re-run: black hummus and saffron rice-stuffed poblano and sweet bell peppers with salt cod topping

March 10, 2011

I was lacking cooking inspiration the other day so ended up browsing the web for ideas. I bumped into this really cool blog, weirdcombinations, and got my groove back. What caught my attention was a recipe for rice-stuffed peppers and another one for a salt codfish dish. It turned out I had all the ingredients […]

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salt cod with chickpea purée on Texas toast

December 23, 2010

Recently we got a very large piece of Norwegian salt cod at our favorite salt cod market in San Jose. It was about half of a fish, so it was extremely awkward and oddly shaped. Fortunately, L and F Fish have a jigsaw, so they cut it up for us into individual sized portions. It […]

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bulgur love

November 15, 2010

Recently Hegui went on a mini bulgur cooking frenzy, making mushroom and pink bean bulgur loaf and Brazilian style tabuli in a single afternoon. He over estimated the amount of bulgur needed so we had about two pints leftover. Well, I didn’t want to waste it and we all know that necessity is the mother […]

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bolo de feijão rosinha com cogumelos, or vegetarian mushroom and pink bean loaf

November 1, 2010

This recipe was adapted from The Best – Ever Vegetarian Cookbook by Nicola Graimes. I bought it recently while perusing a used bookshop in downtown Reno a couple of weeks ago. We went there to visit our friends Karen and Veronica. It was fun spending the weekend at their gi-normous house, their two lovely and […]

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vegan baião-de-dois or fresh cranberry bean pilaf

October 18, 2010

Baião-de-dois is a rice and bean type of pilaf very popular in the Northeastern part of Brazil. The original version is not vegetarian friendly, often being made with lard and other things. It does taste great: fat is flavor. But the old way no longer fits into my lifestyle. The traditional dish also uses feijão-de-corda, […]

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very much marinated potato salad

October 14, 2010

This is a recipe that I was quite fond of in the Eighties but probably haven’t made since then. I rediscovered it recently in a small box while cleaning out some dusty, rarely used kitchen cabinets. I’d written it down on an index card then forgot about it. It tastes as good as I remembered, […]

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vegetarian sweet bell pepper pinto bean soup

July 14, 2010

I made this soup after accidentally over cooking my beans in the pressure cooker. Those things are fast! I only let it whistle for fifteen minutes but that was too long. By the time that I opened it, the beans had become a little too soft for rice and beans, my original plan. Next time, […]

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Mediterranean inspired tempeh sandwich

July 12, 2010

I made this sandwich last week because I wanted to use tempeh in a different way than deep-fried with Seventies brown sauce or with Southeast Asian flavors. Not sure whether it was going to taste good, this was what turned out to be a successful experiment. I love tempeh, so I’m thrilled with the results. […]

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grilled vegetable tapenade

March 23, 2010

Did you know that the word tapenade comes from tapéno, which in Provençal means capers? Tapenade is normally made mostly of black olives and lesser amounts of capers, anchovies, olive oil and spices. It’s strange that this amazing paste derives its name from capers, whereas the major ingredient is actually olives. I love anything made […]

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spring greens with cherry tomatoes and roasted red bell pepper dressing

March 17, 2010

Only recently I realized that the ‘bell’ in bell pepper is called that because the shape is reminiscent of a church bell. The same holds true for the ‘navel’ in navel orange. It looks like a belly button. I love English for its flexibility. Just the other day I posted an entry on sow thistle, […]

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