bulgur love

November 15, 2010

Recently Hegui went on a mini bulgur cooking frenzy, making mushroom and pink bean bulgur loaf and Brazilian style tabuli in a single afternoon. He over estimated the amount of bulgur needed so we had about two pints leftover. Well, I didn’t want to waste it and we all know that necessity is the mother […]

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very much marinated potato salad

October 14, 2010

This is a recipe that I was quite fond of in the Eighties but probably haven’t made since then. I rediscovered it recently in a small box while cleaning out some dusty, rarely used kitchen cabinets. I’d written it down on an index card then forgot about it. It tastes as good as I remembered, […]

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tuna rottele pasta Niçoise

July 27, 2010

This salad is a take on Niçoise salad. I bought an expensive jar of tuna chunks packed in extra virgin olive oil and herbs the other day at “whole paycheck” in our hood. At home we had beautiful fresh organic heirloom carrots (Nantes, maybe?), French green beans, Dijon mustard you get the picture right? So […]

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sundried tomato pesto

July 12, 2010

This makes a wonderful and intensely flavorful spread for sandwiches and can kick up tomato dishes and pasta sauces into high gear. It’s a simplified variation of grilled vegetable tapenade, though if you had some of that lying around, it would work perfectly well, too. sundried tomato pesto 1 jar of sundried tomato packed in […]

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Mediterranean lemon tofu with artichokes, olives and herbs

June 3, 2010

I never know what to do with the extra firm high-protein tofu. It feels like a rubber brick and doesn’t really taste that much better either. We had two blocks of the stuff sitting around for a while and I wanted to make something before they reached their expiration dates. I used to make something […]

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palm heart cherry tomato salad

March 22, 2010

I adore palm hearts. I wish they were more widely available here in the US. I used to get them from Trader Joe’s but they’ve stopped selling the Brazilian type, which are the best in my opinion. There’s really no substitute for Brazilian palm heart. Will you TJ people reconsider selling them again? I was […]

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spaghetti with fiddlehead ferns

March 3, 2010

I got this recipe from French Women for All Seasons and have only been waiting for fiddleheads to appear in the market to make it. We were in luck last Saturday while revisiting the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market. There was a huge pile of fiddleheads at the charming mushroom shop inside the ferry terminal. I’d […]

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arroz de bacalhau com brocolis AKA salt cod & broccoli flavored rice

February 26, 2010

I got the idea for this dish from this wonderful arroz de bacalhau we had in the company of our dear friends, Luiz and Sávio, at a beach kiosk in Vitória while we were visiting back in early February. There the dish was served in those stunning and very authentic dark clay pots from Paneleiras […]

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collard greens with peas and sweet corn

February 5, 2010

I saw a 4-pack tray of sweet corn on the cob at our branch of TJ’s last week which made me long for summer. Aah! Summer sweet corn is the absolute best! It’s been so cold lately. Plus produce, aside from root vegetables, the cabbage family and of course citrus, all starts to look and […]

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penne in cauliflower sauce

December 7, 2009

I came across this recipe in a Marcella Hazan cookbook while browsing through the new Tyler Florence Shop on our recent excursion to Mill Valley. I’m always looking for new recipes for pasta. This cauliflower dish appealed to me too as I often struggle with this vegetable. How do you make it taste interesting and […]

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