apple upside down cake

August 5, 2009

A few years before I migrated to the US, I lived with my older sister, Tinha, in a tiny but very cute house in Brazil. Tinha’s cooking is amazing, particularly in the cake department. She has a sweet tooth and makes great cakes from scratch. Lucky me! I could almost always count on a homemade […]

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eggplant parmigiano

July 23, 2009

I rarely make this recipe now that I’ve entered “middle age” with all of the inherent health “issues.” However, once in a while it’s fun to be a bit naughty and Hegui loves the dish. When I was a kid, my mother would regularly make it, or the meaty versions with chicken or veal, for […]

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banana bread with brazil nuts, cashews and pepitas

July 3, 2009

Steven liked my banana picture displayed here in this post. He says it reminds him of Andy Warhol’s famous banana painting that’s featured on the album cover by Velvet Underground. I like Warhol’s pop art in general including the aforementioned banana. I haven’t been to the Warhol museum in Pittsburgh yet, which I’ve heard is […]

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Szechuan-style Chinese long beans

June 23, 2009

Chinese long beans; also called yardlong beans, long-podded cowpeas, snake beans and numerous other names; were a new discovery for me when I first seriously tried to learn more about Chinese cooking. Common in Southeast Asia and southern China, these are not the bean that I grew up with. Actually the “long bean” is really […]

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vegetarian Szechuan eggplant

June 1, 2009

I grew up eating American Chinese food in New England. This was mainly take-out or at restaurants on special occasions like Christmas Eve. Chinese places were always open on December 24th for some reason. The whole family was really into the fried stuff, like eggrolls and dumplings. When I was quite young, we’d order this […]

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bolão azedo de fubá com goiaba: corn and guava yogurt cake

May 12, 2009

Corn bread in Brazil is sweeter than the American version, and normally it’s eaten for breakfast, instead of with lunch or dinner. Brazilian corn flour, called fubá; though ground coarser than wheat flour; is finer than American corn meal. I grew up eating a lot of these corn cakes in the Brazilian hinterlands. Looking back […]

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a homemade Indian banquet

April 28, 2009

Have you ever wondered about cooking Indian food at home? Well it’s not as hard as you think, though it does take a little planning. At this Indian dinner, I served six traditional dishes from southern India. That probably sounds like a lot and it did take a few hours to prepare everything. Fortunately, many […]

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