salt crusted red snapper with lemon and olive oil

September 11, 2012

I have always wanted to try making a salt crusted fish, really ever since Emeril Lagasse made it on his show about ten years ago. It was so impressive when he cracked the fish out of its salty shell. He didn’t even need that trademark expression to pique my interest. This dish is simple—yes, simple. […]

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Real Food Daily, West Hollywood

September 4, 2012

Real Food Daily is not the kind of place I’d have dreamed of when I was younger fantasizing about Hollywood. Vegan cuisine in West Hollywood? Does that even make sense? Well, yes it does. Hegui and I stumbled upon this wonderful spot on a stroll back to our hotel on West 3rd after catching up […]

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cashew and cardamom fudge

August 31, 2012

This tofu dessert… yes, you read correctly, tofu dessert, is another super recipe from Nguyen’s Asian Tofu. She touts it as a higher protein version of the Indian kaju barfi, typically made with milk, sugar and cashew nuts. Mine was delicious but didn’t quite have the consistency of what I consider to be fudge. This […]

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Littorai winemaker’s dinner at Campton Place Restaurant, San Francisco

August 27, 2012

I completely adore Littorai pinot noir. I wrote that first sentence and somehow feel that the point of my story today is more than half accomplished. I adore Littorai pinot noir. J’adore! It even looks good in French. So I was thrilled when I learned that Hegui and I had the chance to attend another […]

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spicy pressed tofu salad

August 21, 2012

I’m so excited about this new-to-me book, Andrea Nguyen’s Asian Tofu. I saw it by chance at the local Whole Foods and was cautiously interested. I ordered a copy from the library and couldn’t put it down once I started reading. I shall have to splurge and actually buy a copy soon. Nguyen writes in […]

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faux pho: vegetarian Vietnamese Pho

August 16, 2012

I have fond memories of a cooking class we took in Chiang Mai, Thailand several years ago. The chef picked us up early in the morning from the hotel then off we went to a thrilling local market to buy the ingredients for the cooking class feast. I think there were about 16 of us […]

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clams with Yukon gold potatoes

August 14, 2012

These Yukon gold potatoes came from our community garden plot! I am so excited about that fact. Have you ever grown potatoes? Well, I haven’t before. And we never planted them to begin with—they just “came with” the new plot. These are super yellow and lovely. I wonder if they were planted intentionally? The person […]

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Shiitake mushrooms & fromage blanc on toast

August 13, 2012

Sometimes the most memorable dining experiences are when you cook with friends. Dinner yesterday was a treat: our friend, John, and I made it together. This delicious shiitake mushroom on toast was his contribution. I was mentally taking notes while watching him preparing it. The dish came together in almost no time and it tasted […]

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Bánh Xèo AKA Vietnamese mung bean pancakes

August 9, 2012

Sweet or savory, most countries have their own style of making pancakes. I really like the Vietnamese version, bánh xèo. This recipe is especially interesting because it utilizes two ingredients very common on our table in a totally different way: rice and beans, a favorite combination on this blog. See what I mean here. I’ve […]

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Point Bonita Lighthouse, Marin Headlands

August 6, 2012

My niece Juliana who lives in Virginia came over to spend a few days with us recently. She’s been here few times before so she’d done all the touristy stuff in San Francisco. I like that because it forces us to push ourselves and expand our horizons in terms of visiting different places in the […]

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