Happy Martin Luther King Day!!!!

January 16, 2012

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a New Year’s wish: spending the holidays in Rio de Janeiro

December 30, 2011

I’m so inspired by the blog, Rambling Tart. Krista travels the world in search of the good life, and finds it, it seems, everywhere. Recently she had a really cool story about what she’d do over the Christmas Holidays if she wasn’t visiting family. She would go to London. I’ve been thinking about that a […]

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community garden update: late summer in our first year

September 6, 2011

We were really flattered the other day by our community garden coordinator. Dan told us that he was quite impressed with how well that we’ve done in our “first year” with a garden plot. Many others, he claims, struggle. Well, certainly we’ve been eating kale a lot: to the point where I had to put […]

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link love: our 7 links

August 29, 2011

We’re so thrilled to be nominated by Heavenly from donuts to delirium to participate in My 7 Links, an exciting chain-letter kind of thing for bloggers of all sorts. The rules are simple: you get nominated by someone; then you write a post with links to seven of your favorite published stories based on various […]

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cake and culture: 69th annual World Science Fiction Convention, Reno, NV

August 23, 2011

Located a mere four hours by car from San Francisco, Reno seems a world away. Nestled in a high alpine valley, this playfully tagged, “Biggest little city in the world,” is most famous these days for being the kid-sister to Las Vegas: full of over-the-top casinos and quickie-wedding chapels. In past times, Reno was equally […]

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cake and culture: Filoli estate, San Mateo County

August 16, 2011

What could be better than a surprise day trip? We’ve a super good friend, John, who told us to free up Saturday for an all-day extravaganza. He didn’t say a thing about our destination until we were riding in his huge Ford SUV on I-280 South of San Francisco. Then he asked the following question: […]

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matilija poppies at the San Francisco Botanical Garden

July 28, 2011

We went to the San Francisco Botanical Garden on one of those rare fog-free summer days that we occasionally enjoy here. Hegui and I are both completely enchanted by the matilija poppy. These shrubs are really quite enormous and the flowers are huge and lovely. They look like cheery sunnyside-up fried eggs, don’t you think? […]

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community garden plot update: early summer

July 4, 2011

The weather has been good to us in San Francisco lately. Long days with plenty of sunshine. And in a record-setting event, we even had a couple of days of rain recently to wash way excessive pollen and dust floating in the air. Our community garden plot couldn’t be happier. In addition to the good […]

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cake and culture: New York City water towers

June 9, 2011

Have you ever noticed those stunning, mostly wooden, rustic-seeming water towers on the tops of buildings in New York? Even if you’ve never been to the Big Apple, you must have seen these in movies or on television. I love them. Like the Empire State Building, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and Broadway shows, […]

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Alexis Lichine’s Wines of France, a work of subtle comic genius

June 8, 2011

La Mission-Haut-Brion claims that it is responsible for getting St. Vincent into trouble. It seems that St. Vincent, the patron saint of vintners, had not been in heaven very long before he was attacked by a terrific thirst and had a yearning to taste again the great wines of France, the Burgundies, the wines from […]

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