2007 Calera Pinot Noir Reed Vineyard

by Stevie on August 17, 2011

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2007 Calera Pinot Noir Reed Vineyard

2007 Calera Pinot Noir Reed Vineyard

I’m all about Calera pinot lately. Their 2008 central coast pinot was a delight, and a real bargain. The 2007 Ryan Vineyard was breathtaking. I’ve heard that 2007 was an especially good year for California pinots in general. It shows here in this Reed Vineyard bottle, also from Mt. Harlan.

My fascination with pinot noir still seems funny to me. I used to hate the stuff; it always tasted too light and acidic. I was much more into rich, full Napa cabernets and Sonoma zinfandels. Those are still good wines, but somehow, after discovering more interesting pinot, I’ve gotten the bug. There’s something almost poetic and seductive in a good bottle of the stuff that you just don’t experience with other varieties. Matt Kramer frequently writes about this, but until the past year or so, I’d always thought he was a bit of a loveable crack-pot. Who knew? I guess tastes do change after all. Do you like pinot noir?

Calera has several vineyard designated pinots. Follow this link to see a helpful map from their web site. Their wines aren’t cheap exactly, though they’re not as ungodly expensive as some that I’ve seen either. I have trouble finding them here. I think they must sell out fast. So I joined their wine club earlier in the year. This bottle of Reed came from The Wine Club in San Francisco. (That’s not a club at all, but it is a great place for hard-to-find vinous gems. Well worth checking out if you’re local.) If you’re looking and can’t find Calera at your wine shop, I’d suggest the Calera web site. It really is good stuff!

This is a sensational transparent burgundy red with cherry, herbal and smoky aromas leading to delicious cherry and mineral notes with medium to full body, and a delightful creamy long finish. Mmmmmmmm!!!!

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