Robin’s Restaurant, Cambria

by Stevie on March 29, 2011

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I want my guests to leave Robin’s feeling that they
have been well fed, both in body and spirit.
When my staff and I can accomplish this, it makes all the
hard work worth while.

Shanny Covey, Owner of Robin’s (from the Robin’s website)

Robin's Restaurant.  See the cute Hobbit-Hole style stained-glass window

Robin's Restaurant. See the cute Hobbit-Hole style stained-glass window?

Some of the weirdcombos had the singular pleasure of dining at Robin’s Restaurant in the scenic California Central Coast town of Cambria the other day while we visited the region to attend the Paso Robles Zinfandel Festival. Our lovely friends, Linda and Ken, who live in Cambria, hosted us for the weekend and made the reservations for this delightful meal. Thank you again, Linda and Ken! Your hospitality, as ever, was flawless.

Unfortunately, we were unprepared for the meal, so forgot our CoolPix back at the house in our luggage. Alas, I’ve no cute shots of the cozy, charming interior; our memorable dishes; etc. to show you, our dear readers, today. That really is a shame because this place was wonderful and well worth a visit should you find yourselves in the area.

We did meet Shanny Covey the following night at the Zin-Fest, and took a great pic of her. She was really kind and quite pleasant, despite the clamoring crowd of drunken wine-tasters hanging about.

Shanny Covey at Paso Robles Zinfandel Festival

Shanny Covey at Paso Robles Zinfandel Festival

The restaurant is housed in a darling home with stunning stained-glass windows in curved frames, which reminded Hegui, Whit and me of Hobbit Holes. According to their web site, Robin and Shanny started out serving food at a health food store. It was such a success that eventually they grew to a full-fledged restaurant. People do know about this place, so a reservation is recommended. The night that we were there was crowded.

The menu is the kind of California-fusion that other places aspire to, but Robin’s seems to have completely mastered. I had an incredibly exciting Grilled Heart of Romaine Salad with Maytag blue cheese dressing to start. I’ve seen grilled salads being made on stylish food shows but have never tried one. This was so exciting that I want to make it at home sometime soon: crispy, smoky, rich and fresh, it really satisfied.

2005 JUSTIN Justification drunk at Robin's in Cambria

2005 JUSTIN Justification drunk at Robin's in Cambria

For my main, I tried Pan Seared Furikake Tofu, which came over a bed of mango forbidden rice with vegetables in a delicious sauce. It was really a showstopper. Hegui had the Robin’s Chow with Tofu, a kind of noodle and vegetable dish that was full of great flavor.

Robin’s allows corkage, which was great since Ken brought two bottles of 2005 JUSTIN Justification, a merlot and cabernet franc blend (we did manage to take an eyePhone pic of the wine). This was a stunner, and, despite rumors to the contrary, went perfectly with our sensational veggie meals.

Next time we’re in Cambria, we’ll make a res and bring our camera to Robin’s. If you’re ever in town, you should do the same. You’ll be glad you did.

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