2008 Calera Central Coast pinot noir

by Stevie on December 22, 2010

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2008 Calera Central Coast pinot noir

2008 Calera Central Coast pinot noir

I’m gradually starting to appreciate pinot noir. I wanted to like it, especially after all the anti-merlot fall-out generated by Sideways a few years back. The movie was a lot of fun but the well-known consequence, namely expensive pinot noir, still lingers. Plus I’ve been ambivalent about its light cherry ways. Compared to syrah, my California wine of choice, pinot seems like such a weakling.

But I do love a good challenge and what better time to re-visit this easy-drinking red than the Holiday season? I learned about this Calera from the K&L Wines monthly newsletter a while back. They recommended it. And at only $20 a bottle, it fit my holiday budget. So we tried it. And then tried it a few more times. This is our last bottle, and I’m sad: I want more!

2008 Calera Central Coast pinot noir: This is a transparent ruby purple color with a nose of cherry and raspberry. The fruit carries over into the taste, with lots of cherry, raspberry and strawberry on a medium bodied beauty with mineral notes and a long finish. The bottle is sealed with a glass stopper rather than a cork, just another reason to adore this wine.

This wine is elegantly easygoing and worth a try.

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