vegan edamame pâté

by Heguiberto on December 21, 2009

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This is a very simple dip you can eat with pita bread, pita chips and crudités, like: raw carrot, celery and jicama sticks, as well as, cherry tomatoes, and broccoli and cauliflower florets or anything else that appeals to you. It’s essentially the same recipe you might use for hummus, but chickpeas get replaced with edamame. The dip is a soothing green, which I love and tastes great, too. It’s packed with protein, which is good. If you have a vegetarian friend coming to your house for the holidays rest assured he or she will love this treat!

edamame pate

Vegan Edamame Pâté

Vegan Edamame Pâté

2 cups fresh frozen edamame
2½ tbsp tahini
Kosher salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
Juice of two medium sized lemons
1/3 tsp cayenne pepper
½ tsp ground cumin (or more)
4 tbsp olive oil
½ cup water, plus water for boiling edamame
2 cloves garlic
crushed red pepper for garnish

How to:

Boil 2 cups of lightly salted water. Add frozen edamame and cook about 8 minutes. Drain. Let cool slightly. Place garlic cloves in food processor and spin it for few seconds to mince. Add edamame, water, salt, cumin, black and cayenne pepper, lemon juice and olive oil. Run food processor for another minute or so to blend completely. Adjust flavors with more salt etc. if needed. Transfer to bowl. Sprinkle with a pinch more cayenne pepper, crushed red pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. I served this pâté for a main course with pita bread and Napa cabbage tabouli.

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