vegetarian kimchi fried rice

by Heguiberto on October 20, 2009

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With all of this kimchi that I made last week, it’s like we’ve been running the kimchi marathon, sort of like the spinach version from the spring. Maybe I should really say the kimchi Olympics to show my Brazilian pride. Yeah Rio de Janeiro 2016!

kimchi fried rice with optional fried egg

kimchi fried rice with optional fried egg

Besides the regular baechu kimchi, we made a wonderful silken tofu kimchi stiry fry and now this classic—sort of—kimchi fried rice dish. Even after these three, we’ve got about two pints of kimchi left, so who knows what that will be next? I hear that kimchi ripens as it ages. Apparently it’s the younger ones that are best from the jar and it’s recommended that you cook with the more aged ones, as the flavor tends to get more and more intense. My kimchi is now on its 15th day. I had a big sample of it yesterday while making the fried rice. And no, I am still alive and in good health for all you kimchi naysayers out there in the blog-iverse. I think that the ginger and garlic are most accentuated now while the heat from the chili peppers is fading. So next time, I’ll add more chili and less ginger and garlic. Live and learn. And as Julia Child famously said about cooking, ‘never apologize!” The cabbage is still crunchy and bubbly. I’m quite pleased with it myself. Yum! Maybe I will try making some kimchi soup with the cold fall weather on its way…

This recipe is “almost vegan” because I decided to add a fried egg on top for some extra protein, plus I was just feeling like having a fried egg. The egg is obviously optional, so leave it out if you have health concerns or don’t particularly like fried eggs. For more protein you can add some garden peas or even fresh fava beans for an East meets West version.

homemade kimchi

homemade kimchi

I love rice in almost any form and this dish is no exception. The kimchi rice tasted simply divine and went well with the mushroom tofu that Steven made to accompany it. The toasted sesame oil adds some earthiness and smokiness to make it incredibly good!

Vegetarian Kimchi Fried Rice

2 cups Thai Jasmine rice
¾ cup chopped kimchi with some of the juices
1 shallot chopped fine
1 & ½ cup broccoli florets and stems chopped same size and blanched
1 to 2 tbsp low sodium soy sauce
3 tbsp canola oil
1 tsp toasted sesame oil
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp nutritional yeast
¼ tsp chili powder (I used Cayenne)
Pinch of salt
Fresh black pepper to taste
Egg (optional)

How to:

To prepare rice:

Rinse rice in running water for about a minute. Add to a medium sized pot with add 1 & ¾ cup of water and cover. Bring to boil then lower to simmer and cook rice till water is fully absorbed, about 15 minutes. Stir a couple of times during the cooking process to prevent sticking. Remove from heat and leave covered for about 5 minutes to rest.

Add oil to a wok or in my case a non-stick paella pan over high heat. Add shallot and sauté for a minute or so till translucent. Add rice and broccoli, soy sauce, sugar, nutritional yeast, black pepper, salt and cayenne, and keep stirring. Add chopped Kimchi. Allow the rice mixture to warm through. Remove from heat and transfer to a serving platter. To fry the egg(s), use a non stick pan, add a dash of oil, break egg over it and cook on low temp for a couple of minutes. Remove and place it over rice.

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ritatower October 29, 2009 at 6:26 pm

That looks really good Kimchi is really good fermented food…good for the gut!

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