soup à la Skinny!

by Jasmine Turner on September 3, 2009

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finished skinny soup

finished skinny soup

My husband teases me whenever I make a big pot of soup by calling it my “Get Skinny Soup!” I used to make a broth-type soup sort of similar to this one. I used in place of eating regular food, supposedly clean out my system and get skinny fast. However, I was looking for a more filling soup with different flavors and Mireille Guiliano’s recipe for Lentil Soup in her French Women Don’t Get Fat book looked simple enough for me to manage cooking. She got the ingredients for the combination from a relative because as a kid she wasn’t a fan of lentils, but loved sausage, probably in small amounts because you know the French and their portion control! I used veggie sausages to get in the meatless spirit, and my signature “extra spicy,” additions like more garlic and hot sauce. The dish turns out really hearty and makes a good meal for lunch or dinner. Plus, there is something about cutting and chopping the ingredients and stirring a big pot of soup that is therapeutic. It feels like mixing some type of healthy tonic or medicine or hey….skinny potion! Oh My Goodness!

Soup à la Skinny!


1 green bell pepper
2 cups lentils
1 onion
½ chopped fennel
1 cup of chopped cabbage
4-5 celery sticks
2 small potatoes pre-cooked
1 quart of vegetable soup broth (I get mine at Trader Joe’s; or make your own)
Water to steam vegetables, retain one cup worth for later
1 clove garlic
2 chopped leeks
1 bay leaf
2 veggie sausages
Olive oil to saute
Salt and Pepper to taste
Pinch of curry powder (or more if you desire)
3-4 Tablespoons of hot sauce

preparing veggie sausage and skinny soup

preparing veggie sausage and skinny soup

Cook lentils beforehand and set aside. I use a slow cooker overnight but really you can just simmer them in some water for 20 or 30 minutes. I like them very soft. Steam: cabbage, potatoes, onion, bell pepper, celery, leeks, fennel for 12-15 minutes. Save one cup of water from the steaming of the veggies to use later for the broth mix. Saute veggie sausages in some olive oil in a frying pan. Put aside. Use a big soup pot and add: lentils, soup broth, steamed veggies and saved water. Stir. Cook on high heat until it starts to boil then add: salt, pepper, curry powder & hot sauce to your liking. Squeeze press the fresh garlic clove on top. Add sausages. Stir again. Lower heat to simmer for a few minutes, and serve. It’s so good; you might want two bowls in one sitting!

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ritatower September 3, 2009 at 11:09 am

I made this soup, and I am not skinny yet! What’s up with that?

Chris Stone September 3, 2009 at 2:35 pm

looks great, but i have a couple questions:

What hot sauces do you reccomend? can you post something about host sauce selection?

What do you use for thickening the sauce? butter, cream, flour, etc? or do you omit that for “skinny” aspect of the soup

i’m going to have to give you my tomato soup recipe — i perfected it at the restaurant i was sous for.


Billy September 3, 2009 at 2:47 pm

I don’t believe that for a second Rita unless you’re getting anorexic or something!

ritatower September 3, 2009 at 7:05 pm

No, I’m not anorexic but if you know where I can get some of that anorexia let me know!

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