Crepe House, San Francisco

by Jasmine Turner on July 10, 2009

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some of the ladies who lunch

some of the ladies who lunch

The Crepe House is a non-pretentious café in the Russian Hill neighborhood that’s a great place to meet for lunch! My history with CH started with just one other co-worker friend who along with me recently became unemployed. We would meet there to socialize and support each other in the Job Search. Being out of work can be kind of lonely sometimes. Later we invited a few other friends, and now Crepe House is our regular Friday place for “women who lunch!” It’s sort of “Sex in the City” style on a budget.

The Crepe House has a menu on a big chalk board full of different yummy items: crepes of course, sandwiches, breakfasts (served all day), soups and big salads. Mouthwatering dessert crepes are also available with bananas, strawberries, whipped cream and Nutella. They serve a lot of good beverages including: espresso/café bar stuff, tea, beer, house white or red wine and mimosas. At Crepe House you can get your French on not only because they have lots of different crepes, they also serve champagne!

yummy stuffed savory crepe from Crepe House

yummy stuffed savory crepe from Crepe House

When we meet, depending on what we have to do later, we’ll often order mimosas and chat for several hours into the afternoon. If we have to be productive, which happens a lot, because we’re sending out resumes and networking for jobs etc., we’ll order tea and espresso to get charged up to accomplish such things. Some of the lunchettes currently have jobs so they’re just happy it’s Friday. They always get the wine or a mimosa!

The food is very comforting and can be really healthy if you choose the big salads or the soups. The breakfasts and crepes are good and filling. One of my pal’s regular favorite is the “Acapulco Omelet” which comes with a salad, potatoes, and toast! It has cheese, sour cream, black beans, avocado and salsa. It’s really good. I’ve had it a few times myself. My favorite, though, is the Mediterranean Crepe with feta, avocado, olives and sun-dried tomatoes. The Crepe House always has a black been vegetarian chili and a soup of the day.

The ambiance is nice because they have a big set of open windows that face onto the street. When it’s sunny, it’s like eating halfway outdoors! Plus you can see and be seen! It’s very casual too; orders are taken at the counter, payment is in cash or credit, and you’re given a number. They deliver the food to your table. You can stay as long as you want; the staff is friendly; and the prices are good at around 7-to-10-dollars a plate. Bon Appetite!

It’s located at the corner of Polk between Washington & Clay streets.

get your French on at Crepe House!

get your French on at Crepe House!

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