2009 Paso Robles wine festival

by Stevie on April 25, 2009

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Attention all weirdcombinations.com readers! The 2009 Paso Robles wine tasting event is May 15 to 17, 2009 in Paso Robles, California (tickets). This will be the third year that the weirdcombos crew have been to this incredibly fun and educational event.

If you don’t already know about Paso Robles, then you should! It’s this super wine region on the central California coast. They make fantastic syrah and other Rhone-style wines. Dozens of producers are represented at the Saturday afternoon tasting event in downtown Paso Robles. It’s a great way to try a lot of wines in a short time. In past years, the WC crew has been very impressed with River Star, kukkula, Adelaida and Tablas Creek.

We feel that the region has a unique expression of what the frenchies like to call terroir; that unique combination of soil, weather and production techniques that makes a wine great.

Jasper, Jasmine and some of the WC tasting crew in 2007

Jasper, Jasmine and some of the WC tasting crew in 2007

There are so many wines to try that it’s easy to get overwhelmed, and really drunk. So we’ve been mixing things up a bit, planning on winery tastings on the days just preceding the Saturday afternoon blow out. Then we can skip the wines that we already know on the festival day. This year, we’re esp. excited about going to Tablas Creek, Adelaida and hopefully Kenneth Volk. Unfortunately, kukkula is still struggling with getting their tasting room up and running. So it looks like we’ll have to wait another year for them.

The weather is usually brutally hot for the festival, so plan appropriately. We stay in Cambria, just over the mountains from Paso Robles. Cambria is right on the Pacific so is much cooler. Plus the town has lots of quaint shops and restaurants in which to while away the time. It is pretty small though so book a room soon.

Paso Robles is about a four hour drive both from Los Angeles and from San Francisco. Even if you can’t make the festival in May, it’s well worth a visit another time.

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